A Kentucky planner who believes in thoughtfully curated events that stand the test of time. 

Every event should be in a world of its own - original to the client and space I am creating for. 



We orchestrate the complete vision, hiring and management of all wedding vendors, negotiation of contracts, management of budget, and overall direction of the entire wedding planning process.  We’ll support you and advocate for you as we guide the process and then oversee the wedding day from set up to tear down


event design

Event design is about personalizing your wedding and making it beautiful.  We go beyond arranging flowers and consider every visual component to make your wedding one of a kind. Getting our hands on every visual detail ensures your story is told and your dream day is executed cohesively from start to finish.



We do all florals in house. Our personal style is loose, organic, and free flowing which consist of large blooms, fruits, twisting vines, and natural foliage you would find growing in nature. We believe that flowers are communicators of many styles and we will help find flowers that will bring your vision to life.