From the start, I set out to hand pick and create completely custom visions, and bring them to life in surprising ways.

We pride ourselves on being multiple vendors under one roof. 

The Zachary Brady Design aesthetic is centered on a timeless, classic, and clean detail. As a designer and planner, I believe in creating one of a kind events that tell your story. We're here to be the planning force behind you and advocate for you on the biggest, and happiest day of your life. Our motivation in getting to know you will allow us to build a relationship while intentionally listening to your story, laughing , and earning your trust to design a wedding that is personality driven. As we build a lasting relationship, we will shape a celebration that is approachable as it is elegant. 

The number of weddings we take on every year is tailored to the experience we desire to give each client we work with. Bringing on clients who are provoked to create an unforgettable experience for themselves, and for their guest, is our main focus.  Our process begins after we have completed our inspiration sessions and site visits. It is our priority to propose a design plan that is completely personality driven and tells your story. We believe that weddings are a true testimony of your love and we focus on developing concepts that create extraordinary and lasting memories for you.

It is essential to us that we tell your story in a surprising way by bringing in the elements that make this day so special to you. We have a love for people and are extremely passionate about serving them well. We are here to make the process of planning your wedding just as memorable as the wedding day itself. 


planning + Coordination

We orchestrate the complete vision, hiring and management of all wedding vendors, negotiation of contracts, management of budget, and overall direction of the entire wedding planning process.  We’ll support you and advocate for you as we guide the process and then oversee the wedding day from set up to tear down. Starting at $2,500.


event design

Event design is about personalizing your wedding and making it beautiful.  We go beyond arranging flowers and consider every visual component to make your wedding one of a kind. Getting our hands on every visual detail ensures your story is told and your dream day is executed cohesively from start to finish.



We do all florals in house. Our personal style is loose, organic, and free flowing which consist of large blooms, fruits, twisting vines, and natural foliage you would find growing in nature. We believe that flowers are communicators of many styles and we will help find flowers that will bring your vision to life. Starting at $3,000.

Delivering timeless creations have been the root of my passion. 

What better way to live that out than to team up with all of you party people to celebrate individuality, and most of all, love.